McDonald’s Malaysia Office Staff, Business Partners, and Crew Come Together on ‘McD Turun Padang Day’
08 Oct 2019
McDonald’s Malaysia Office Staff, Business Partners, and Crew Come Together on ‘McD Turun Padang Day’ 's image' Share

KUALA LUMPUR, 7 October 2019 – Believing that it is always better together, McD Turun Padang Day brings McDonald’s office staff and business partners close to the McFamily crew for ‘a day in the life’ experience, enabling them to work shoulder-to-shoulder together. McD Turun Padang Day is celebrated annually to recognise the efforts of their 14,000 strong restaurant crew here in Malaysia. 

“We always encourage our office staff and business partners to experience the restaurant’s undertakings behind the scenes. At McDonald’s, we constantly strive to deliver ‘feel good moments’ as we are customer-obsessed at heart. It has been our pride and joy to treat our customers with hospitality at each touchpoint. And now, with our Experience of The Future (EOTF) restaurant concept, we can take the customer experience a step further into the world of modernised customer convenience, and empowerment,” said Managing Director and Local Operating Partner of McDonald’s Malaysia, Azmir Jaafar.

McDonald’s Malaysia introduced its Experience of The Future (EOTF) concept restaurants in October 2018. This new dining model includes innovative customer service concepts such as:

• Table service, where food is served by a McDonald’s Guest Experience Leader (GEL) at the customer’s table.

• Self-ordering kiosks (SOKs), where customers place orders and customise meals according to personal preferences.

• Dual point service, where customers will order and collect at separate counters when their order numbers are flashed on screen.

• Cashless transaction, to enable customers to use debit or credit cards for payment.

• Digital menu boards showcasing the menu and on-going promotions, as well as easy reference when ordering at the counter.

• High-speed WiFi to benefit our always-connected customers. 

McDonald’s office staff and business partners had the opportunity to work as SOK coaches, table service servers, and front counter presenters at McD Turun Padang Day. This was an exciting experience as they were thoroughly inducted on their specific roles and had a hand at serving customers together with the restaurant crew.

McDonald’s Malaysia, through their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) emphasises the importance of its people, who make up the very core of their business – Family & Friends, where the company treats their People as more than just co-workers, but more as extended family members and friends. McDonald’s also provides Flexibility as they believe that every person’s personal requirements vary and lastly, it promises a bright Future for its People by equipping them with lifelong career and personal skills.

Human capital development continues to remain a central focus in McDonald’s Malaysia, where they continuously seek to build and enhance the skillsets of all employees. These go beyond just traditional training and development, as there is also emphasis on both personal and professional growth trajectories. According to Azmir, more than RM8 million has been invested annually to drive human capital development initiatives. 

 • National Dual Training System – Also known as the Sistem Latihan Dual Nasional (SLDN), it is an industry-oriented 18-month training programme combining workplace and institutional learnings. Trainees will be awarded with Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) Level 2 and Level 3 upon completion. 

 • Management Apprenticeship Programme – A 18-month weekend training programme which is aimed at university students intending to pursue a career as a Management Trainee at McDonald’s Malaysia.

 • Internship Programme – Allows for a 3-month exposure into McDonald’s working systems and culture, featuring ‘On the Job Training’ to deliver quality, service, cleanliness, and value.

 • Partnership with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) for MBA programme – Employees who have completed selected in-house transferrable modules can enrol for UTM’s Azman Hashim International Business School’s (AHIBS) MBA programme to further their studies. 

McDonald’s Malaysia have also been accorded The Best Employer in Malaysia 2018 by AON, The Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2018 (Malaysia Edition) by HR Asia, and the Best Franchise Employer 2018 by Malaysia Franchise Awards.


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