Desserts of the Month

Cempedak McFlurry

Delightful swirl of cempedak and vanilla soft serve, it’s that familiar local taste with a brand new twist!

Cempedak McFlurry

Brace yourselves for a blast of flavor 
with the Cempedak McFlurry!

Indulge in the unique taste of this
extraordinary dessert! You’re definitely
going to want more! Nak cempedak?

Corn Pie

Take a bite of the a-maize-ing Corn Pie! Sweet and yummy pieces of corn in a crispy pie shell, it’s a unique twist on a beloved local flavor that’s sure to make your day!

Corn Pie
Cendol Cone

Can’t get enough of cendol? This local delight just got a lot more tempting! Try our soft serve that’s infused with classic flavours of cendol! Grab the Cendol Sundae & Chocolate, Cendol Vanilla, Cendol Choco Dip or Cendol Cone!

Cendol Cone

Everyone's favorite McDip is now even more exciting with 4 new flavors! Enjoy your favorite Choco Dip, or try the new Caramel, Matcha, Taro or Mango Dips! Discover your new favourite McDip flavor at a McDonald's Dessert Center today. Locate a Dessert Centres near you here.

Classic Favourites

Indulge in McDonald's all-time favourites!

Choco Dip

Sundae Cone

Oreo McFlurry™

Strawberry Sundae

Chocolate Sundae

Apple Pie