Desserts of the Month

Mango Dessert

Sweeten up your day with the refreshing Mango Sundae and Mango McFlurry!
Indulge in these fruity delights that you’ll keep going in for more.

Mango Mcflurry

Get whisked away by the fruity Mango McFlurry! It’s a flavoursome mix of vanilla ice cream with mango and Oreo bits topped with mango drizzles. You know you want a scoop of it!

Mango Sundae

Bringing Mango Mania to you! The mango sundae is your all-time favourite vanilla ice cream drizzled with fruity mango bits and syrup!

Pulut Hitam Santan Pie

Introducing the NEW Pulut Hitam Santan Pie! Made with a delicious pairing of pulut hitam and santan, this new treat is the perfect harmony of sweetness and creaminess!

Yuzu Cheese Pie

Zesty yuzu filling combined with velvety cream cheese encrusted in a warm and crispy pie shell!


Dip Dip hooray with two NEW McDip flavours! Try the zesty Lemon Dip and berry delightful Strawberry Dip for a fruity and refreshing take on the McDip! Available at all McDonald’s in Peninsular Malaysia.

Classic Favourites

Indulge in McDonald's all-time favourites!

Choco Dip

Sundae Cone

Oreo McFlurry™

Strawberry Sundae

Chocolate Sundae

Apple Pie