McDonald’s Malaysia Acknowledges Clarification From BDS Malaysia
22 Mar 2024
McDonald’s Malaysia filed a brand defamation legal suit to ensure McDonald’s Malaysia’s position on the Middle East conflict is made clear. With the positive outcome of the mediation and clarifications made by BDS in their recent statements, acknowledging that the actions of McDonald’s operator in Israel are wholly independent of McDonald’s Malaysia, we will be withdrawing the legal suit.
Our stance remains firm. We do not support nor are we complicit in any conflicts or wars. Having operated for more than four decades in Malaysia and being a 100% Muslim-owned business, we are proud to be a member of the local community -- unwavering in our commitment to transparency, ethical business practices, and social responsibility towards Malaysians. 
Our hearts go out to the innocent victims in Gaza who are caught in the conflict. We firmly condemn all forms of violence and pray for an end to the war and continued peace. McDonald’s Malaysia continues to support Palestinians impacted by the violence through our contribution to the Palestine Humanitarian Fund and various employee fundraising initiatives to further support relief efforts in Gaza.  
We hope that the decision made today will allow all parties to move forward and focus on finding a resolution that upholds justice.
Statement by Dato’ Azmir Jaafar
Managing Director and Local Operating Partner
McDonald’s Malaysia
22 March 2024
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