Adventure with Smurfs Happy Meal® Toys
Mar 20, 2017

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! Everyone loves our blue Smurfs! This time they are back with Smurf’s: The Lost Village which is set to hit cinemas on 6 April, 2017. Join in the magic and adventure and peek into Smurfs houses. 8 sets to be collected with every Happy Meal® and you can build your own Smurf village. You wouldn't want to miss one!

Our journey begins in the Light Red House where your little one can help Brainy Smurf conjure up his next invention or hang out with Snappy Bug on top of a magic mushroom. In the Red House, spend hours sharing stories with Papa Smurf and skipping around Smurf village gathering pretty flowers with SmurfBlossom.

The following week, it's all about teamwork with your little one! Show your strong side as you work with Hefty Smurf and his sidekick Bucky the bunny to build their Orange House. Or get active in the Light Orange House by testing your hunting skills with SmurfStorm or showing off your karate moves with Karate Smurf.

In Week 3, your little one can show off their artistic side with Painter Smurf as he paints our model, the beautiful Smurfette, in their Light Green House. Be entertained as our adorable Clumsy Smurf tries to keep on his two feet while his sidekick Spitfire the dragonfly watches over him from above in the Yellow House.

To round up the collection in week 4, your little one can gather some friends and have a concert with SmurfMelody and put a smile to our singing judge, the Grouchy Smurf in the Blue House. Or sniff your way to McD’s to help Baker Smurf and his sidekick, the multi-talented Smurfwillow as they bake some fresh and delicious desserts in their Purple House.

So turn your world blue for 4 weeks beginning 30 March and own all 8 sets of Happy Meal® toys. Available with every Happy Meal® purchase today! Hurry, stocks are limited.

A little boy goes on an adventure with Smurfs! Watch what happens!

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