The first ever McD Elections where YOU decide Malaysia’s No.1 McDonald’s product. Which of the Top 3 candidates will be Malaysia’s winner? Their fate lies in your hands. 1 Buy = 1 Vote, so vote for your favorite today! #McDElections2019
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Tummy Votes
Tummy Votes
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Meet your candidates - The classic McChicken, Beefy Double Cheeseburger and Crunchy Ayam Goreng McD! They each have their own special campaign promises, so watch their videos below to decide who YOU will vote for!
With over 35 years of experience in Malaysia, the McChicken is promising a lower price of RM8.99 for a complete Meal with Fries & Coke, and a 2x McChicken for only RM5 for one entire week!
Double Cheeseburger
The beef brothers want to win the elections, and the Double Cheeseburger has brought back the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, and promises to make him permanent! Also a 50% discount as a bonus to Malaysians if he wins!
Ayam Goreng McD
The latest craze in Malaysia, the Ayam Goreng McD wants YOUR vote! Not only has she lowered prices to RM13.99 for a Meal, she’s also promising a Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal if she wins!
Vote for your favourite candidate with your tummies! The more you eat from 13 – 26 June 2019, the more votes your candidates get!
Head to your favorite McDonald's or order via McDelivery.
Order your chosen candidate
• McChicken
• Double Cheeseburger or Quarter Pounder with Cheese
• Ayam Goreng McD
Enjoy your meal. It’s that simple!
1 buy = 1 vote,
so start today!
Double Cheeseburger supporters believe that its time for a change, and that chicken has dominated for too long! Are you a beef supporter? Cast your tummy vote between 13 – 26 June 2019!
Ayam Goreng
“Ayam No.1! Ayam No.1!” That’s the chant we’re hearing from the Ayam Goreng McD camp. Do you love Fried Chicken? Show your support by casting your tummy vote between 13 – 26 June 2019.
With over 35-years of experience in Malaysia, the McChicken has always been the crowd favorite! Support is strong for the classic burger. Have you voted yet? Cast your tummy votes between 13 – 26 June 2019