2024 NEW Mini-Series

2 contenders competing for the same job at
Agency X are tasked to design the best deals at McD.
Who will succeed?

麦当劳2024全新迷你剧集 《麦当劳省钱达人 The
Best Deal》带你揭开最实用的麦当劳省钱秘诀, 成
为一名 #麦当劳省钱达人

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Watch Now

starring as Pei-Pei

A cheerful and energetic girl from a small town, determined to make her mark in the advertising world.

来自小村庄的她, 性格开朗、充满活力, 一心要进入Agency X,闯荡广告界。

Yuan Teng
starring as Simon

A reserved yet gentle and considerate guy who loves hanging out with his friends through online gaming.

他性格沉稳内敛, 但温柔体贴。他与大学好友关系非常好, 经常一起玩线上游戏。

starring as Le-Le

True to her name, she is an optimist. She’s a loyal McDonald's fan and knows all the deals inside and out.


Natalie Chai
starring as Ms Mou

Human Resource manager at Agency X. An animated single 40-year-old who interviews Simon and Pei-Pei.

Agency X 的一位资深人事部经理, 刚过了40岁, 单身。她负责面试 Simon和佩佩

Jack Gohr
starring as Dylan

Simon's handsome college friend who often plays online games together with him and is a big fan of McDonald’s.

外表帅气清秀, 是Simon的大学好友,经常聚在一起玩线上游戏。

Joey Kong
starring as Sarah

Simon’s childhood friend, a vibrant girl who loves gaming and McDonald’s.

一位充满活力的女gamer, 也是Simon多年的好友。她超爱麦当劳。