Jalan-Jalan McD is a 2,500km road trip to discover exciting destinations as you visit iconic Drive-Thru restaurants. Collect stamps at your Drive-Thru pit stops to snap up deals & prizes worth up to RM100,000. Start your journey today!

Jalan-Jalan McD #RoadTripChallenge

Be among the first 10 participants to collect 20 Iconic Stamps & win!

Jalan Jalan McD Travel Vlog

Win a share of prizes worth over RM20,000

Get your Jalan-Jalan McD Passport
when you purchase a Jalan-Jalan McD Bundle at any Drive-Thru restaurant in Peninsular Malaysia.

*Limited units available


Jalan-Jalan McD #RoadTripChallenge

Step 1

Plan your trip and visit our 20 iconic Drive-Thru restaurants.

Step 2

Spend a min. of RM20 via Order & Collect to receive an Iconic stamp on your Jalan-Jalan McD passport.

Step 3

Complete your participation / check-in by filling up your details & upload an image of your receipt.

Jalan-Jalan McD Travel Vlog

Step 1

Submit an Instagram Reels of your journey collecting 20 Iconic Stamps.

Step 2

Ensure that all 20 iconic Drive-Thru restaurants are shown in your video.

Step 3

Include #RoadTripChallenge, tag @mcdonaldsmalaysia & ensure your profile is “Public”.

Top 10 Videos With The Most Likes Win!

Collect your Iconic Stamps at these 20 Drive-Thru locations

Stamp & Win

You can also collect any 5 stamps to redeem a FREE McD Voucher at a Drive-Thru restaurant near you!



Who can join this contest?

The Jalan-Jalan McD #RoadTripChallenge contest is open to all Malaysians or permanent residents of Malaysia who are above 18 years old and have a valid ID.

How many times can I collect stamps in a day?

There is no limit to the number of times you can collect stamps in a day.

Can I collect more than one Iconic Stamp from the same Drive-Thru restaurant?

After collecting an Iconic Stamp from a participating Drive-Thru restaurant, any additional stamps a customer collects from that same restaurant will not count toward the tally of Iconic Stamps for that customer. It will, however, count toward the collection of Stamp & Win stamps which, when completed, entitles the customer to a free McD Voucher.

What is considered to be a valid receipt?

A receipt is considered to be valid if the transaction is within the contest period (10 Dec 2022 – 31 Dec 2022). The receipt MUST reflect an order of RM20 or more and order of RM20 or more via order & collect.

Is a stamp valid if I collected it digitally but not on my Jalan-Jalan McD Passport? What about vice versa?

For any stamp collection to be valid, a physical stamp is needed on a customer’s Jalan-Jalan McD Passport. An image of this stamp has to be captured and submitted digitally via https://www.mcdonalds.com.my/jalanjalanMcD/check-in

How would I know if I’m one of the winners?

There will be a winner announcement posted on the McDonald’s Malaysia Instagram Page Feed within 2 weeks after the campaign ends.

Terms & Conditions apply.