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Mrs Sharinoor binti Shaffie

From SMK Tun Haji Abdul Malek

Nominated by Sankavi a/p Muthaiah

If you can narrate it, thank a TEACHER. The torch wouldn't light up without battery and my life wouldn't be bright enough without her presence in my life. Monetary motherhood that treat us had gave a great impact on my golden heart. Start to feel her presence into my life during my mother's burial ceremony. FIRST MET. FIRST ACT OF KINDESS DESPITE SURROUNDED BY RELATIVES AND SIBLINGS. The one who wipes my tears and fed me up with food when I was at the most devastated situation. My siblings were all mourning because we had lost our last family holder. I didn't know she was a teacher by then. All I knew was, she was my brother's teacher. Sat beside me to feed me food where no one was brave enough to do that during that situation. Relatives were just rolling their eyes helplessly. Get to know her during that nightmare which turn out to be Wonder Woman of my life. Subconscious advices and courages for me to get flying colours in examination were the best one. Making me to strive against the odd ones were somehow makes the history. Met her during the lowest point of my life made me think there were good people to showcase sympathy and empathy. I lost my mother around 2018 but I found her motherly duties on her. Man lost his shades during sunny days when there's no trees and that's how I portray her when she came to my house to feed food without procrastinating other religion's views and beliefs. 2019 - the truant year plays it role when she became my class teacher. From becoming the strict class teacher I found the another self behavior of her. She does joke around during Bahasa Malaysia periods but becomes fierce and stern during disobedience. Although I'm an Indian she doesn't care to give some free hugs and advices whenever I feel down on life. I'll be as happy as a lark whenever she cracks out jokes in class. I had owed a lot to this teacher because I'm an orphanage but she doesn't feel me to think about it that way. There was a situation where the whole Malacca had water blockage and I was sustaining my life by eating bread. I become an independent girl since my mother had passed away and survival things were cooking for myself to eat and there was a day where she asked a question " What did you ate last night? ". My reply was "roti". The next day, out of surprise she told my friend Fazrena to buy me a food without my knowledge. I wanted to pay back but she forcefully had rejected my money and it creates a deeper level of mutual respect towards her. This phrase of her still vibrating on my ear ossicles “kalau awak sayang saya ambil duit itu dan masuk ke kelas”. Although she had a history of spinal cord injuries but that doesn't add a reason for her to be demotivated to pursue her carrier in teaching. Don’t judge a book by a cover perfectly suits her, as the most strongest person I had seen in my entire life despite my mom, she had a spinal cord operation few years back where she would had lost her life but thank god she had survived even though the surgery was fail. Its perhaps the prayers that given by her students as she been a inspirational one for most of her student. Spoons were fed for spines that degenerate by ages. This Wonder Woman of my life, always the one backing me up at first even just looking at my face she would tell if I’m facing any problems. She always motivate and console me whenever I think about my parents. Cikgu Sharinoor that's what I called her. Hopefully she would recovered from her back problems as she always suffers even cries on pain while in the class. Furthermore I hope that the God always favors her by giving her the will to continue her life journey…

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