Mrs Ilavarasi d/o Kalimuthu's photo

Mrs Ilavarasi d/o Kalimuthu

From SMK Kuala Ketil

Nominated by Urumila a/p Muniappan

I’m Urumila Muniappan from Kedah. Now I’m doing my first degree in Bachelor of Social Science at University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). Well, this will be a flashback of my life. I dont have parents since born. I grew up with my grandparents in a village. When I was eight years old my grandmother passed away and my grandfather had stroke. My childhood was a nightmare. It was so challenging that I’m surprised that I finished my primary school studies and went to secondary school. But I faced the most difficult part of my life when my grandfather passed away in 2012, when I was 13 years old. My relatives never cared about me even now. They dont even what I’m doing now. Back to story of my life, I lost interest in studying. I started to skip classes. Year 2013, the year that probably changed my life. Mrs. Ilavarasi was my science teacher, she is so passionate about teaching and so caring about her students. She made Science to became my favourite subject. Not so long after that I got an offer from state’s sports school. Again I started to get spoiled and wild. I was so free to do anything. I started to consume alcohol. I lost interest to live my life. The only things I haven’t done is doing drugs. I have tried to suicide and the worst thing was I got violent and dealt with so many discipline cases. But god gave me another chance via Facebook. I never thought that my teacher will message me again but since then we always messaging each other. She always motivates me. She supports me in every good things I do. Her words always give me hopes that I can change my life but temptations won at last. My SPM results was not really good but I was offered to do STPM. She didn’t gave up on me. Mrs. Ilavarasi, my proud teacher, she drove far to my school just to transfer me to my old school where she’s working. She did all the procedures to transfer me. She understood my situations and supported me in every way she could. I slowly started to change. I stopped consuming alcohol, I stopped going out and I started to live a healthy lifestyle. I changed because of her. I don’t want to disappoint her as she's the only person who cares aboue. As time goes, other teachers and students started to respect me. She guided me in everything. She taught me how to see the world in other perspectives, she even taught me to believe in god, she changed the way I see the world, she changed the way I speak, she changed the way my mind works and she shows me the love, the care and the affection I lost since my grandparents passed away. She even stopped me from working part time and financially supported me. Now, I'm Urumila, not a spoiled kid nor an alcoholic but I'm an undergraduate who is going to graduate soon. All the thanks is to my best friend who is so matured to give me advice and at the same time hypes me up, who really knows me, the new and the old me and still supporting me. She is the only person I trust and share everything single thing that happens in my life. There are a lot of stories and stages she went through to completely change me to a person but I had to summarise it. I have never seen a Teacher like her in my whole life. I learned that a good education can change anyone and a good teacher can change everyone and everything. Mrs. Ilavarasi, an extraordinary teacher in an ordinary school. Thank you so much Milady.

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