YM Tengku Rahimah bt Mahamod's photo

YM Tengku Rahimah bt Mahamod

From SK Tunku Azizah, Kuantan, Pahang

Nominated by Adam Nasri bin Mohd Naim

(This is written with my mum’s help, and yes Cikgu Tengku Rahimah is indeed my favourite teacher ❤️) I am an autistic kid who started my primary school at SK Tunku Azizah, Kuantan under PPKI program. My class teacher was Cikgu Tg Puan Rahimah Tg Mahamod whom all of us called her as Cikgu Ummi (as ‘mother’ in Arabic). She was the one who could see my speciality, although my worst character sometimes worries her as well. I’m not good in controlling my emotion and I still cannot write very well due to my sensory issues. She keeps on motivating me to practice writing since she can see that I could be inclusive to aliran perdana. She makes me stand in front of the school during assembly for story telling during autism awareness day. She makes me memorize surah from Al Quran and able to win second place in hafazan competition at school level. She recommended that I could be in aliran perdana and she supported my parents’ application that I want to be in Dual Language Program class. Now here I am, in aliran perdana and in Dual Language Program which is at first was impossible for PPKI student to be inclusive. Everything and everyone seems so fast here, despite I still have Cikgu Ummi coming to my class once a while to monitor me. She talked to my teachers, supply them with information on how to handle autistic kid like me. Whenever there’s problem or even homework that I simply cannot catch up in class, she will text my mum and make sure I’ll do it at home 😅. She even asked my mum if I wanted to join chess class as c-curricular activity. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for her proactiveness, although Adam Nasri is not solely under her care anymore, but she is still the one who cares most! Only God can reward her with all His mercy which is cannot be paid with money. Thank you Cikgu Ummi!


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