Mr Soonufat A/L Supramaniam's photo

Mr Soonufat A/L Supramaniam

From SMK Lubok Buntar, Serdang, Kedah

Nominated by Nur Aishah Binti Abdullah

This amazing person name is Soonufat A/L Supramaniam,and most of the students will call him Sir Soon.He is an incredible English teacher.Why is he incredible?Working in rural school,creating a projects in school which involving 5 differents school in Kedah,getting opportunities for the students,and being a platform for the students who really want to make a change.He did all of this amazing work without complaining and expect something in return.His goals is just one which is to see his students are being able to get a proper education and make sure every students are being able to get an equal right to speak up.For me that is just amazing and such an incredible work.For the past two year he created a project called Find Your Light.So this project is actually about building a courage and confidence in the students.In this Find Your Light we also have done 9 show called Maya Musical at Georgetown Festival.There are so many obstacles that he face in order to make sure that all of this happend,especially when he need to deal with the school,to get the approval for the form3 students to join this programme.It is not easy,but with the strong reason and his courage he has make this happened and this available for everyone.Secondly,last year we also have Sing To The Lions theater.This Singing To The Lions is actually his biggest projects.This projects has involved 5 different school work together to create an anti bullying show at Penang Pac.Bringing up this sensitive issue and problems has need him to work extra harder than before.To deal with the differents people and the principal need a lots of patience and hard work.In order to make this project in school,he need to make 5 resumes to be send to the principal before he get the approval.And yes,he is working extra hard for this,having a practise and class with us after finish his work at 2:10 and finish the practise at 6 is very tiring for him.But he did never complain,because he believe that rather than complaining it better for you to find the solutions.The only things that he want to see is just seing his students are being brave and fight for their own right,and all of his hardwork is worth.We have done putting 6 show at Penang Pac in front of 600 peoples.He is an incredible teacher,why? This years he has prove to me and all of the peoples that even a rural schools can be an excellent person even though that we don't have all of that facilities and exposure.Last year,he has get the opportunities for me and my 4 other friends to go to Taiwian,Taipei to tell the peoples about our project Singing To The Loins,and all of them are just so excited to hears all of the things and every single process that we've been through to make this possible.Not just that,one of the students are also have been chosen to be a student council,and yes without his help and sacrifice we won't get all of this amazing opportunities. at the beginning of this year,he also have get me an another opportunities to attend Kids Education Revolution 2019,at India,Mumbai.He told me to participate and he has guide me very well.He has help me to improve my writing and speaking.Thanks for his hard work,I have been selected to join the KER session.But still,they will be an obstacle for us,because of his personal issues has,mr Soon can't join us to India,so in order to make sure that we go there,he need to find a teachers who are going to be there with us and fortunately we have Madam Kogi who is willing to be with us.For the transport for us to go India,he also need to arrange it by himself and he has sacrifice his own money to buy us ticket to go there and also to get us Visa and it's cost about RM 3,000 per person,and he did not complain or except something in return but he just said "It's worth for me if I see my students grow well and find their own potential and light".In every single things that we all do is actually inspired by his words.With all of this opportunities and exposure that he has give me,now I already can be more independence and I'm also actually now is working on my community project which called One Steo Forward.One steo forward is actually a reading project which will be includes teachers and students to read together,beside I also working on creating a safe space for a teachers and students to sits together an become a partnership to create a better and stronger relationship.This main objective of this project is analysed the problems that we have in school and find the solutions,at the same time we will also analysed every students and see what we can learn from them.Why am I doing all of this things is because,I have strongly believe that every single students and peoples deserved to have an equal right to speak up and make their own choices of what they want to be and do. All of this amazing things happens because a person who name Sir Soon.He lead,he inspired students not just to get name,but he did all of this because he believe that this world and our education system needs a changes.He also believe that there should be no gap between the students and teaches,all of us deserved an education,opportunities,exposure,values,equal right and justice.He speak for what he believe.He also say for a better Malaysia and with this prove and sincere in his work I am proudly say that he is deserved to be nominated and be an examples for others as well. Together we be the agents of changes of a better Malaysia and let's inspired more peoples with this amazing stories.


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