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Ms Padmavathy Velayadhan

From SJK (T) Ladang Senawang, Senawang, Negeri Sembilan

Nominated by Rupini Chandran

I still remember when I was 9years old MissPadmawathy came to my school as new science teacher. First time she enter my class as substitute teacher for one subject she seems to be strict.After 3years later, when I was 12 she be my science teacher from March onwards.Im a moderater students and science is very hardest subject to me since the previous sir didn't teach us technique.Miss Padmavathy taught us how to answer and teach us the way we understand. From moderate student until I scored 7A in UPSR she was guide me. She treat all the student equal no matter smart or weak,unlike other teacher do Favouritesm. Even she was handicapped and she be my inspiration to never give reason to succeed.She driver her car with one hand. Sometimes I look at her and wonder how someone can be energized in every morning without fail to greet her student with smiling face. It's been 11years I finish my UPSR,from moderate student to law graduate she was played important role in my life without she realising it. Everytime I think about her the love she spread to my class is remind me. She will always encourage us and stands by her students side when we was in trouble.When other teachers said we cannot do she make us finjsh it successfully. Sometime she bring some students home for educate them without expecting anything. For her student success is her success. Everytime we succeed it's always credit half to teachers.She spread joy to my class. I think words cannot describe how much grateful I am towards my teacher. My mum always tell to me think of your Padmavathy teacher when you down. Because she have face alot of challenges to succeed if she can do why not you.Dont think tofind a reason to fail always find a way to success that's what my teacher advise us.She won't always advice she will make us understand by her acts. Definitely I wish my teacher to be "Guru inspirasi".Teacher we always love you and the respect for you in our heart always goes higher.Keep inspire all your students and I know even if you win the money you will donate to your students study purposes. You always our inspiration.I wish to be her side to announce she is Guru Insipirasi because every time she happy by seeing our success first time I wanna see she happy of her own success.


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