Madam Nam Wai Ling's photo

Madam Nam Wai Ling

From SJK (C) Han Ming, Puchong, Selangor

Nominated by Gan Wai Lun

She is the most influence person in my life - MsNam When I first met her, I was in grade five and she was my class teacher. That time my family having a years of hardship - my dad was in jail and my mother had to raise up four of us by alone. The school was started a month ago, I had a serious accident when my friend fetched me by bicycle. It caused my leg bone broken and be wrap with gypsum about 2 months. I unable to school and need to stay home during my recovery time. This was made me and my mother worried that my studies got effected. So Ms Nam showed up and saved me from the difficult time. Everyday she came to my house to give me tuition until late night after she finish teaching in schools. She repeated the routine without any complaint. My family was poor that time, so she didn’t request any return or any pay on what she did on me. I strongly felt that she gave her unconditional devotion on teaching me . Therefore my studies had improvement even better than those classmates learning in school. I remember that year CNY my mother gave her an angbao for appreciated her contribution. But she just took the angbao packet and left the money to my mother. My mother told me that I had to put in mind how this teacher helped me and to be graceful always. After my leg healed, Ms Nam presented her only bicycle in her house to me because she scared I will get hurt again when she knew my brother had to fetch me to school by bicycle everyday . She even helped me get the allowances in school for reduce my mother’s financial burden. Without Ms Nam, I think I won’t have any chance to be who I am now. I am lucky to meet her and she changed my life my mind. She taught me “people can not only depend on he was born of what you have, depends on his confidence and courage to make themselves. “Thanks McDonald’s give me a chance to stand out to speak out it. Ms Nam, thank you for everything.


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