Mr Mohd Farez Bin Atan's photo

Mr Mohd Farez Bin Atan

From SMK Bandar Baru Sentul, Kuala Lumpur

Nominated by Ahmad Fikri bin Mohamad Locman

Teacher Farez believe that even one act of kindness, no matter how small it is can create a loop of kindness for a better world.He is not just an inspiration but also my best friend. He initiate himself to 'hunt' school dropout kids, which most of them involve in illegal substance to get back in school and provide them with not only moral support but also financial.Although he faces so many challenges and even cry before me but he never give up and manage to help 41 kids to get back in school and still helping more. In school, he adopted more than 20 kids to help them continue schooling through sponsorship on their meals, school supplies, school fees and even morale support.Most of this kids have no parents and some parents end up in prison and living their child with no support system. For kids who is considered problematic ,he sees it as opportunity for him to guide and future them, somehow the more challenging the kids is like adrenaline to Teacher Farez. He always involve in outreach programme which he include his students, such as weekly Football Practise with Cerebral Palsy Kids,Visiting Orphanage and even feeding the homeless in Chow Kit. Through his #Kidswithpurposeproject ,Teacher Farez have always organised programmed in school with no funding support from school such as his yearly camp which is Kem Permata Hati,that targeted for the less fortunate kids in Sentul Vicinity.He also organised Futsal ,Kem Solat,Kem Kecemerlangan SPM and even field trip.Mostly he got help from friends and community to help with the funding and even participate his programme.He believe that community bring big impact in helping this kids. Not only he is the most favourable teacher in his school but he is also good in his teaching, he always get invited to give speech in other school ,even all the way to Kapit Sarawak with 3 hours boat ride.The money he gets from the talk normally being used to fund his charitable work. He always take the oppourtunity to visit less fortunate families in his vicinity to help ease their burden with staple food pack and giving them moral support and liased with the authority or ngo to help the families. If you visit him in school, he has this one cabinet that he puts all the things such as sanitary pad and school supplies for the use of his students. We need more people like him that inspire kindness and always believe in second chances. This is the only way i could do the support his works know if he wins this he will use the money for his kids to start his mini library project and using this platform as a winner to promote kindness environment in school around Malaysia.


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