Madam Aqilah Binti Ahmad's photo

Madam Aqilah Binti Ahmad

From Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Derma, Kangar, Perlis

Nominated by Ammar Zikri Bin Roslan

I was a top student back in primary school . I got 5A's for UPSR then I was accepted into one of the best school in my state . But then , something happened in my life . My life turned upside down and became very messy . In addition , my grades became worse exam per exam . I've never got an A for my English paper . Buuuuuutttttt then , when im in form 3 ,  I got Teacher Aqilah as my English teacher . She is so kind , positive and loving .She cared for us and always positive .  For the first exam , I got an A for English paper for  the first time in three years . And then teacher told me not to give and I have talent in Linguistics . She always encouraged me and I always feel grateful to have her as my teacher . This year , She is my class's teacher . I felt so happy to know that . She always helped us in decorating class eventhough she is busy with her own life , family , work and so on . She is always there whenever we need help in studies . And lastly , she make us felt so comfortable around her . It felt like having a mother in school . She understands our hardships as she was an alumni of our school too . She always gave out advices like our mom did‚ It was great to have you as teacher , Teacher Aqilah . I hope you will continue being a great teacher , and inspire more students to become successful eventhough theres a lot of hardships to go through . Lets stay happy together , teacher.


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