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Teacher Zainab is the best teacher I have ever met. This year, she will be 55 years old and she has been an educator for almost 30 years. Despite her age and the fact that she is going to retire in a few years, she is still a very energetic, happy go lucky and an inspiring teacher. 

I began to recognize her as a teacher because she teaches one of the subjects in my Pre-University programme. After a few months of knowing her, I really enjoyed learning the subject because she is such a very supporting and cool teacher. I have known her for two years now, and can speak highly of her character and natural ability. I also have my own story and experience which had made me look up to her more than anyone else. 

In March 2016, I had experienced quite serious health problems. This problem had caused me to not be able to focus in class and suffer from depression. It got worsen when I realized that I was the best student and the teachers hope that I could get excellent results in the STPM examination. I was afraid if I was not able to meet their expectations because the state of my health was getting worse. Changes in attitude and my health problem had also been the subject of conversation among my friends and teachers. Seriously I felt like I was going to give up and quit Pre-University as the tension was unbearable.

After two weeks of suffering and becoming like a ‘zombie’ at school, Teacher Zainab was the first human who dared to approach me and ask about my health. She told me that all the teachers were concerned seeing my condition, but they did not dare to approach me because I look like a little uncomfortable to talk to anyone. She asked me whether I had received treatment at the hospital and she was also willing to listen to my feelings. She also gave many useful advice and I felt like my depression was gone after talking to her. After that day, she always took time to talk to me once in a while and listened to my problems. She never refused if I want to talk to her and always welcomed me with open heart. She also likes to buy me a packet of Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk because she said that milk is good for my health. 

Despite my worsening health condition, my attitude in dealing with this condition improved really great and I could go to school with a smile on my face again. I did not feel depressed anymore because I know there is someone who will always be there for me, that is Teacher Zainab. After a few months of studying, I had to sit for my second semester STPM examination. I had scored CGPA of 3.92 in the exam and everyone was very shocked to see my results because they did not expect me to get a very excellent results due to my health problem. Teacher Zainab was the first person who congratulated me on my excellent results and she was very proud of me. 

Then, I continued my studies in third semester and had to sit for the examination at the end of the year. At that time, my health condition was still the same and not improving. However, Teacher Zainab was there for me, and she told me that it was okay if I could not meet the teachers’ expectations. She said that it was not the end of the world if I could not score in the exam because I still have my family who will always love me unconditionally. She encouraged me with all kind of advice and inspired me. Therefore, despite my health condition, I sat for the exam with confidence and I managed to score CGPA of 4.00. My overall STPM results is very excellent with CGPA of 4.00 and I had been selected as one of the STPM Best Students in Kedah. I had been invited to the ‘Majlis Sidang Media Pelajar Terbaik STPM Peringkat Negeri Kedah’ which was held in SMK Che Tom.

After a few series of ups and downs in my Pre-University, finally my success story has been the subject of conversation among the teachers and friends until now. I should give my biggest gratitude to Teacher Zainab, as my success today is because of her supportive nature and understanding. Without her support, I don’t think I could overcome my problems and be who I am today. Thank you very much Teacher Zainab. I will always remember Teacher Zainab as the best teacher I have ever met!

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