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What is love? To me, love is the warm feeling you get when you see someone so dear to you and you know that you will even fight the world just to see them always smiling. I was never a cheerful girl in school. I come from a harsh background which was probably why I turned into an emo aggressive person . I've always been that weird lonely girl at the corner of the classroom that no one ever bothers about.

Well, that was until I met a god-sent angel who unexpectedly changed my whole life. I still remember how we met 5 years ago. She walked into the classroom gracefully, wearing a smile that beautifully adorned her serene and regal face.

Puan Krishna Kumarie was actually the first teacher who noticed that I existed in class. At that time, I didn't really cared or even bothered to pay attention to her while she was teaching. But after a few weeks, I started getting packed food under my table desk sometimes even money. I was poor no doubt, but no one knew that fact in school. I was grateful, but I wanted to know who was the person behind this act. So one day, I came early to school and I saw her putting money under my table. I quickly ran off before she saw me. I wanted to confront her and express my gratitude but I didn't. Then an unforgettable incident happened. As usual I had to walk home from school and it was raining heavily that day. As I crossed the road, I didn't see that car coming and I was hit. It wasn't a very hard hit but I was thrown across the road. I couldn't move but I was aware that the car that hit me had driven away. I was crying in the rain and my bag and books were soaking wet in the middle of the road. Suddenly, someone carried me and when I turned I saw Puan Krishna. She told me in a soothing voice to not worry and she seated me in her car. She took my bad and scattered books and gave them to me. She was just as soaked as I was. Nevertheless​ she drove me to the nearest hospital. I wasn't aware that my leg was bleeding until she asked," How's your leg?". I was still utterly in shock. I cried like a baby.

At the hospital, she made sure I was treated perfectly. My tibula had a hairline fracture. She even paid the hospital bills and brought my parents to the hospital. I couldn't stop crying. I hugged her so tightly and said thank you profusely. When I asked her how she knew that I was hit, she said that she was observing me for the past few weeks. She said that I had potential to become a good student but poverty was holding me back. I was so shocked and touched at the same time. She hugged me back and told me not to worry.

Since that day, I made sure I stayed back at school to talk to her and I'll help carry her bags every morning. My proficiency in English used to be horrible but now I can proudly say that i am very well-versed in English. Thanks to her, I got an A+ for English in SPM. Puan Krishna was transferred and is now the principal of SMK La Salle Sentul and I make it a point to always visit her in school every week. I hope that when I grow up, I can repay all her kindness and good deeds. She taught me how to love when I wasn't loved at home.

Thank you Puan Krishna Kumarie.

I love you so much!!!

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