Mrs Puan Aqilah Binti Ahmad

From Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Derma

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Nominated by Ammar Zikri Bin Roslan

It was not stated whether I should write in english or malay so I'll be going with malay since the teacher I'm writing about is an english teacher. Back when I was in form 1, I had very bad results, and a humongous fear of speaking in public whether in group presentations to group discussions. I was always scared to voice out my opinion. But in form 3, Teacher Aqilah an english teacher who has been teaching for approximately 10 years started teaching me. We had to do a lot of presentations because my school wanted to make sure we are ready for the oral tests in PT3. Like always, right when I heard the news, I had trouble breathing, concentrating and my legs and arms start shaking when thinking about it. Teacher Aqilah realized this and she gave me words of encouragement along with other teachers and my classmates. She'd always help me with my english work, help me with my presentations and she always looks out for her dear students. Overall she is a very kind person and she deserves a pay raise! Just kidding, back to the story, so when the oral test was around the corner I started to panic because I couldn't think about what the title of the oral test is going to be. Being a good teacher she is, she teached me how to relax when giving a talk, how to not feel nervous on stage and so on. These tips may seem small but it had a really big impact on me. I scored well in the oral exam and passed the english subject. Now I am in form 4 and the fear of public speaking has not dissappeared completely but she definitely helped me do something I couldn't do before I met her in Form 3. Coincidentally, she is also teaching me in form 4, which means that I will have more time to train my speaking skills and will allow me to speak infront of the public with ease. This story is about me, a student that was helped by his english teacher to overcome his fear of public speaking. Very well, that is all i could say for now. I am hoping to win because I want to see Teacher Aqilah be proud of me and of course for the money, I won't sugarcoat it.