Desserts of the Month

Daebak Dessert

Indulge in the sweet harmony of strawberry and chocolate in the NEW Black Forest McFlurry and Black Forest Pie! Get your dose of Daebak Desserts at McDonald’s today!

Black Forest Mcflurry

Meet the NEW Black Forest McFlurry! It’s here for you to indulge in a harmonious blend of sweet strawberry, chocolate bits, and your
all-time favourite vanilla ice cream!

Black Forest Pie

Be amazed with every bite of the NEW Black Forest Pie! Enjoy a crispy chocolate pie shell filled with a rich custard paired with a fruity strawberry.


It's a dip-tastic time with these desserts! Take your dessert game to a whole new level with the Caramel Dip, Matcha Dip or the classic Choco Dip paired with our signature vanilla ice cream.

Classic Favourites

Indulge in McDonald's all-time favourites!

Choco Dip

Sundae Cone

Oreo McFlurry™

Strawberry Sundae

Chocolate Sundae

Apple Pie