At McDonald’s, our mission is to become our People’s favourite way and place to work.

Our People are our ambassadors, representing the promise behind the brand. As a leading global employer, we provide rewarding career opportunities to help our People fulfill their potential.

McDonald’s Restaurant Career Ladder

McDonald’s Malaysia has been recognized with a number of HR awards including the prestigious Kincentric Best Employers in Malaysia. This is a testament to our commitment in providing a great place to work. Join us and embark on an exciting career journey.

The Employee Value Proposition that sets McDonald’s apart

The McDonald’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the promise of delivering what McDonald’s employees value most as they work at the restaurants. In developing the EVP, McDonald’s asked its employees through a global survey, “What is it that you love most about working at McDonald’s?” Their responses gave birth to what is known as the McDonald’s EVP of the ‘three Fs’ - Family & Friends, Flexibility and Future.


‘Future’ stands for the career growth and development opportunities available at McDonald’s to help its employees achieve their full potential.


‘Flexibility’ refers to the flexible working hours of crew and managers and the job variety that enable people to fit McDonald’s into their lifestyle.

Family & Friends

‘Family & Friends’ represents the wonderful people-centric work culture at McDonald’s where its employees work in an enjoyable and energizing atmosphere and everyone feels part of the team.

McDonald’s recognised as Best Employer in Malaysia by Kincentric

Over the years, McDonald’s Malaysia has been consistently recognised as a top employer in Malaysia, having been awarded the prestigious Best Employer Award by Kincentric eight times, in recognition of McDonald’s continuous commitment to human resources management and talent development. In 2021, McDonald’s achieved a milestone when it was accorded the Best of the Best Employer Award for the first time, which is given to organisations that are able to stand out as a model organisation in terms of their people practices as well as continuous business growth.

Taking Care of its People

“Take care of our people and the business will take care of itself”, were the words of wisdom spoken by McDonald’s founder, Ray Kroc. To this day, McDonald’s views this golden saying as their guiding principle in keeping the shine on the golden arches. They believe that when their employees are happy, they will in turn be inspired to make their customers happy. As a global brand that is locally operated with more than 15,000 Malaysian employees at over 340 McDonald’s restaurants nationwide, McDonald’s biggest assets are its employees who have time after time, shown dedication to its customers and the communities that it serves. It is this sense of commitment combined with a positive service attitude, which is ingrained in its people culture that has contributed to McDonald’s ranking as a Best Employer in Malaysia.

Favourite Way and Place to Work

McDonald’s ultimate vision is to be its people’s favourite way and place to work. As they journey towards this destination, the company focuses on making McDonald’s a good place to work by treating its people right and making their lives better. These key initiatives also work hand-in-hand in helping the company attract, retain and develop its talents, which are critical elements in achieving the organization’s growth target of opening 500 restaurants by 2026. This robust expansion plan also translates into the creation of approximately 50,000 job opportunities by 2026. As McDonald’s forges ahead in achieving its business goals while staying true to its standing as a Best Employer, thousands of Malaysians may rest assured that a bright career prospect with the world’s number one Quick Service Restaurant is theirs for the taking.

Philosophy of Training at McDonald's

McDonald’s is a learning organization that provides opportunity, nurtures talent, develops leaders, and rewards achievement. The foundation of the McDonald's training system is providing training when and where it is needed. Through effective training, team members at McDonald's can become proficient and focused on the system's specific procedures and policies. Some of the crew will remain at the restaurant as essential crew members; some will move into management; others may simply move on. Whether in a first job or throughout a career, McDonald's training provides life skills that may be useful in many different situations.

McDonald's Learning Approach

McDonald's uses a blended learning approach to apply the training principles, which means multiple methods are used to deliver training messages. These methods include the following:

Self-study, which allows participants to work independently using a standard curriculum to learn the important operational standards.

Training tools enable consistent messages to be delivered.

On-the-job coaching gives the participant the opportunity to work shoulder-to-shoulder with a coach, which builds on-the-job practical restaurant skills and shows how the concepts work in real life.

Classroom training is a planned, instructor-facilitated event, held either in or out of the restaurant. Classroom activities include real restaurant experiences.

To be our people's favourite way & place to work