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This is the second time I've been writing for this teacher, and I hope McDonalds can really take note on him. Some people work hard for opportunities. But for some people, opportunities come continuously with a minimum effort being put in. Preferably to be addressed as Cikgu Darrel, he is always finding opportunities for his students to go beyond their limit but not to believe "they are what they are now" at the current life setting they are living in. I'm really disappointed when he's not selected as Guru Inspirasi Mcdonalds for the past year. To me, Cikgu Darrel is a very motivated and passionate teacher. He would always go one step further than a normal teacher does. Back in 2018, he was the class and also English teacher of the Year 6 in his school. Given a class size of 25 with a large number of weak pupils and several illiterate ones, the challenges were great but he did not choose to give up. He always believes that 'hard work breeds success' therefore he sacrificed his own time and health to do extra classes every night for his students regardless of poor attendance. He also learnt that his pupils were purposeless and directionless in relating learning to their future career. To make them think big, he thickened his face up to get some professional occupationists to talk about their hard work and career so pupils can see the bright side of studying hard. Seeing the teacher's determination, the pupils did not disappoint the teacher. With a "hopeless" class given initially, he managed to completely pass all the pupils in UPSR for English in 2018! In 2019, it was the lowest point for Cikgu Darrel. His challenges were doubled with unsupportive parents and terrible pupils' attendance. Transportation was the main cause of problem among parents to send the children to school. He learnt the problem and offered himself to fetch the pupils and send them home from school and also extra classes. The saddest part was that parents never appreciated him. Instead, they condemned him for forcing their children to school. Of course, he was disappointed and hurtful, but he never gave up. Although he was despised by parents and not appreciated by his pupils, he still taught them unbiasedly and whole-heartedly. Eventhough the pupils were not able to pass with flying colours, at least, he had done his best as a teacher to bring up the best result that he could do for his pupils. Cikgu Darrel is also a very hardworking and determined teacher. Things that you are thinking now, he might have already done before you think of doing it. He sees things really thoroughly. For instance, he realised the school had terrible parking system, so he drew parking lots for the school under the hot sun, alone. He saw there is a need for pupils to learn outside the classroom, he drew a 20 metre-long language ladder game for the school. He realised school system is outdated, he offered himself to make E-RPH system for every colleague. He is the man who walks the talk and never delays. He is also passionate in doing innovation. He sees pupils' learning problems and he has been doing countless flipped learning videos in Youtube for his pupils. He's also making programme for parents to spend time reading with their children this year. He has been working hard for the school and for the pupils yet I feel that his efforts were unseen. He is also blessed with a kind heart. I'm not sure if his news was able to catch your eye. I still remember last year McDonalds gave vouchers for teachers on Teacher's Day. He gathered the vouchers from teachers who refused to claim the meal, and made it more meaningful by giving McD meals to those people out there who do not even afford to buy a meal for themselves. Therefore, a teacher with passion, determination and kind-heartedness, I think he SHOULD BE recognised as the Guru Inspirasi Mcdonalds 2020!

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