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Mr Abd Hakim Ikram bin Zakaria

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Over the duration of more than a decade of schooling, many teachers have come in and out of my life, each one leaving a mark, some more memorable than others. The most inspirational and full of honesty is my english teacher that I had ever met is Sir Hakim. When I first met sir Hakim I was 15 years old that time I had no idea of how he could tremendously impact my life.Right now I was in form 5 and Sir Hakim had thought me the meaning of real life.I remember the day I first met Sir Hakim. I was shock to see him at first as I dont know him.He was teaching about how to write a perfect essay and he also even sang a song in our class as he was a singer in the past. We were all amaze to hear him sang. As time goes by,I and my batchmate had spent a great amount of time with him.All that time , now had been convert into a flavourable memories. Even though his house were 30 kilometers away equal to 1 hour of driving he always willingly drove to school and sometimes stay up to 2 days at school to take care of us since we living in hostel.Everyday he told us to take care of the cleanliness.He said that without the cleanliness even though you are a smart human beingor etc you will got nowhere to he always patriotize the cleanliness. By looking only at his face , we all know that he is very exhausted and dying to go home but he maintain to smile everyday.If you ask my school's student who had ever seeing him with no smile on his face there would be no one. Sir Hakim is like a superhero with many powers to us he can kill two birds with one stone. He can be a warden,a singer, a professional english teacher with master's degree , a friend , a good listener , a father and most importantly a teacher with big heart. He never refuse to help us whenever we needed help.I remember the time when he brought us to many places just only to buy camping staff.He also was the most hardworking teacher when it come to anything .Sir Hakim can made the most the most difficult piece turn easy with her help.This shown when, form 5 student had to make a personal project and it was very hard everyone was having a very difficult time but everyday Sir Hakim will walk through our class coridor on "purpose" just to help us with the personal project. From the last three years until now,he always gave us a great advice on different things.He would always told us to chase our dream and staying focused on what is best for you.If he ever noticed someone was upset or stress he would always ask why.Sir Hakim wanted everyone to be happt,with Sir Hakim in my life he made look at things differently and positive they were before.Sir Hakim made me want to live my life to the fullest and try new things. Sir Hakim had thought me the adventure of life.He had changed my perception about lifetime.I believe that Sir Hakim had carved a hole in his heart just to fit us in it and to every problem there is a solution.On this day and forever I salute you. 'The mediocre teacher tells.The good teacher explain.The superior teacher demonstrate. The great teacher inspires' -william Arthur Ward

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