Ms Evanna Devi's photo

Ms Evanna Devi

Dari SK Bandar Utama Damansara 2

Dicalonkan oleh Mohd Hussein bin Abd Razak

Dear McDonald’s Malaysia, This feels a bit weird because I am not a student of hers in the classroom and yet I am nominating her as a person who has been guided by her in my decision making as well as through some boring English and Statistics classes by her but stick with me because this is a story about an inspirational teacher you don’t want to miss. This is a story about Miss Evanna and she is known as Miss Eva by her students which she often call her kids. I want to thank her for the life that she lives as she has been so motivated in teaching her kids wholeheartedly and we definitely need more teachers like that. Miss Eva is exceptional and here is why. You see, I’ve heard a million life stories along the years, and with Miss Eva, there are a million lessons that I am trying to follow. Miss Eva is an English teacher as well as a rugby coach in SKBUD2 (to name just a few). She has been serving since 2015. You see, there are many reasons to why Miss Eva is inspiring to me and her students. (And I believe, she has inspired many out there!) She is a teacher who goes out of her way to make sure her kids in school get what they truly deserve. She has rented cars just to send her kids for rugby competitions, paid for her teams’ insurance and food, she has paid hundreds of ringgits just to make sure her student athletes had a platform to compete, she has lent her most precious boots (and let me tell you, there were EXPENSIVE) to her student athlete, she has even helped a child in school to survive a whole year by providing everything she needed (ie , her uniform, her daily expenses to school and yes, even paid her fees and her transportation fees till she went to high school!). She was also the one who held that her kids in school each time they breaks down in school. Her contribution is never just in her classroom, it goes beyond. Even when hanging out with her team mates, she often speaks about her students and have always put her kids first especially those in need. As her best friend, I can get at least 100 people who can say the same and that is why, no matter where she is, we would often call her “Teacher” & Cikgu. Most inspirational part, she looks forward to waking up every day to go to work. How many people are as inspired as this? And you see, Miss Eva tries to make thing happen. Her kids often felt left out when they see the boys in school playing rugby. And guess what she did? She created a girls team in May 2019 and emerged as 2nd runner up in the national championship in November 2019 in which the girls also managed to get an international cap when she sent them for a tournament all the way in Seremban, just to make sure her kids get the experience. With Miss Eva, she allows her kids to speak and she often listens to their wants and desires. So now, every time they walk around the pavement of the school of the huge field now or even when the girls see a rugby ball, they can’t help to remind themselves that Miss Eva has helped build the bridge for her girls in school to play rugby. As her best friend who helps her directly with her coaching, I saw her struggles in becoming a better coach. Did you know that she is a certified World Rugby Coach with a license for 7S & 15s coaching? Cool isn’t it? Some of her girls are now in secondary school and still continues rugby and each time she speaks about how proud she is, you can see the sparkles in her eyes. Now, let’s talk about her as an English teacher? She isn’t the common teacher, she is driven and always hungry for knowledge. At this point, she is juggling her career and is furthering her studies as a post graduate student in UPM, trying to complete her doctorate. That being said, Miss Eva is indeed an inspiration as she always feels the need to grow and be better so she can be the best for her kids, even if it means self financing herself to study. In her classroom, she often reminds her students that it is a safe space to make mistakes and even allow her kids to have autonomy ! This to me, is a rare trait of a teacher. She was also part of KPM’s Didik TV programme and I have seen her spend time writing quality scripts, going in and out of the studio so she could produce something of great quality for her kids. Miss Eva has also volunteered at rural areas, trying to provide them guidance and taught them some cool awesome English task, she has spent a few nights at an orang asli school, just to provide them English lessons. Even when it is not her school, Miss Eva strives to give the best. Would you believe me if I said that up to today, even after years of her kids leaving school, she constantly provides English guidance to her ex students via Whatsapp ? Well, she does. Even when people had no faith in her, she still coached her Choral speaking team, sent them out for district level competition and won best conductor 2 years in a row! There are just way too many things that are inspiring about her and this story shared today does not justify them. Miss Eva, whether you win this award or not, I would like to thank you for doing all that you do every day to help kids reach their potential. You are an exceptional teacher that goes beyond time, money and this world to give your kids what they deserve. As your bestfriend and team mate who has had first hand experience learning from you, I will always remember when I almost gave up in life and asked you “Who in this world had the biggest impact on your life?” You gave me the simplest answer, you said “ People like you, my students,my kids. Even on the worst days of my life, we are both each other’s hope” So , Miss Eva, May God grant you the best things in life and Malaysia be blessed with more teachers like you! You are an inspiring teacher to me, and to those kids whose heart you have touched!