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Graduated in Economic educations, unfortunately due to placement failure as a result of the absence of vacancies in the demand of economics teachers, then she was offered to teach special education. managed to master the sign language after 6 months of service. She always gives support and believes that even special needs students also can do like the others. She took them to many competitions and one of the conditions of the competition is to require them to make a presentation for the results of their designs and they the only group of participants consisting of students with special needs. She wouldn’t help being a sign language translator but she invented a "shadow theater" video recording to help them during presentation inspired by British Got Talent. She has set up a group of shadow theater actors consisting of deaf pupils and doing the training as well as the provision of the necessary equipment. She has obtained an LCD that acts as a light source from behind the scenes, a white cloth sewn to obtain a screen according to the required size. Each position of the actor’s movements in order to form the desired shadow shape. She was spending the night to attend school doing joint exercises. As a result, the shadow theater group always receives invitations from government and NGOs to perform. She also spent her money for them to get into plane to penisular, spent their leisure time together. She also sparked their confidence by bringing them to perform sign language performances of songs, poems and even sign language workshops with the public in public places such as hotels, schools, beaches or shopping centers. During pandemic, she acted as a youtuber where she records herself teaching by gesturing to make descriptions and send video recordings to students and she also bring students to participate in online competitions in the fields of innovation, technology, science, engineer or art.

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