From Persatuan Siswazah India Negeri Sembilan


My sir is being a role model and an inspirational person to me as well as to all students who studying here. He is like a godfather to all because his teaching style is very different compare to other teacher who used to teach me. My sir sends about 100-150 students to Malaysian Local Universities (IPTA) every year. His knowledge in his 20 years teaching line is make every students to now blink their eyes when he starts teaching. The each and every graduates who graduated from local universities who studied STPM class here are come from my sirs love and guidance. There are many successfull lawyers, teachers,majistret, police officers and government officers are produced from his guidance. Even he is not a fulltime teacher , but his guidance and care of a teacher on students is very important. Motivation is a must to each and every student who want to choose a successfull path in their life. I found mine. I am grateful and proud to be his and Persatuan Siswazah India Negeri Sembilan student. Thank you !