Cuba-Cuba Cakoi

At the mention of cakoi, most Malaysians will grin with delight because there is nothing more satisfying than biting into the crunch of a well made cakoi. This local favourite has been a popular breakfast choice for generations, and now you can enjoy it at McDonald’s!

That’s right, cakoi is now at McDonald’s! Prepared to a crispy, golden perfection on the outside and soft on the inside, cakoi is served piping hot from 4-11am. This makes getting your hands on a set of delicious cakoi every morning an easy everyday convenience.

What is the best way to enjoy cakoi? Since most of us have grown up eating it, surely everyone has their own unique way to get the most satisfaction out of this well-loved breakfast. So, how do you like your cakoi?

Not to worry, whether you like your cakoi with a wholesome bowl of porridge or dipped in kaya, we’ve got you sorted. For those who love something sweet for breakfast, try it with chocolate and strawberry toppings. Complete it with a yummy cup of soya, for a breakfast that is truly Malaysian.

However you like your cakoi, have it the way you like it at McDonald’s. Head over to McDonald’s bright and early to start your day with one of Malaysia’s favourite local breakfasts. Senang pagi-pagi at McDonald’s.