May 24, 2017 - Keindahan Ramadan telah tiba dengan menu istimewa di McD!
Green Tea McFlurry™
Mar 19, 2017

McDonald’s brings the flavours of Japan to Malaysia with the NEW Green Tea McFlurry™!

Enjoy the refreshing Green Tea McFlurry™ on its own or top it off with red beans
for the perfect balance of taste and texture.
Available for a limited time only, so get them at your nearest McDonald’s today! 

Don't let a hot day get to you. Keep calm & cool down with the NEW Green Tea McFlurry™.

1. Desserts may not be available from 6am - 10am at selected restaurants.
2. Green Tea McFlurry™ is available for a limited time only.
3. Prices are in Ringgit Malaysia.
4. Products shown are for illustration purposes only.
5. Other terms and conditions apply.