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Dec 17, 2015

We Malaysians are known for our love of spicy food; in fact we can probably qualify as a spice expert. Being extremely dedicated to the art of creating the right amount of spicy kick for each meal, there’s no such thing as going too far, right?

We’ve observed 3 kinds of spice enthusiasts, namely the LAT, the Very LAT, and the SuperLAT.

Malaysian Slang Dictionary: The word LAT is originally a Cantonese word, meaning Spicy. Now commonly used among the Malaysian LAT foodies to describe the need for spice.

For the LAT spice experts, they are more restrained and a little more cincai. As long as there’s some kind of chili, they are happy. You can identify them easily at a table because they are probably the one hogging all the chili jars.

The Very LAT spice experts are characterized by their fussiness on having the right spice with the right food. If you see someone sneakily pulling out chilies from his or her pocket, you have spotted a Very LAT. Preparing their spicy preference before they head out the door is just an everyday affair.

The Super LAT spice experts are beyond picky. No other kind of spice besides the one they’ve carefully formulated will qualify and nothing will stand in their way. Even if it means they have do it themselves.

If a Super LAT is amongst you, you will never miss them because they are probably preparing their own spicy formula on the spot since they are particular about consuming it fresh, leading some pretty embarrassing public display of spiciness.

But seriously, why the hassle?

If you like it hot, then the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe must already be one of your favorites. Perfectly juicy crispy chicken thigh; seasoned in chili marinade then coated in a spicy batter, cooked to juicy and crunchy perfection, topped with refreshing lettuce and special sauce just in case the fire in your mouth gets out of hand. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. ????

Whether you are a LAT, a Very LAT or a Super LAT spice expert, you will enjoy the sensational spicy excitement of the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe and the all day long savings it brings. Wait no more; see you at McDonald’s!

So, how far will you go for your need of LAT? #ineedtheLAT