Hot FM Keluarga Time Bersama McDonald’s
Event Details

Wake up to hot sounds by Hot FM and indulge in a hearty breakfast by McDonald's. Join our Hot FM Keluarga Time Bersama McDonald's event for fun-filled activities for the whole family, cool prizes to be won and also be entertained by the Hot FM DJs and celebrities. Location and details below.

#Senang Pagi pagi

Senang Pagi-Pagi With Chicken Muffin

Let us introduce you to the delicious Chicken Muffin that offers early risers a scrumptious breakfast with a difference.

Morning Breakfast Ideas

The best way to start any morning is with a freshly prepared breakfast and an aromatic cuppa to give you a boost of energy for the day ahead.

Cuba-Cuba Cakoi

A local breakfast favourite can now be enjoyed at McDonald’s! What is your favourite way of having the crispy and delicious cakoi?

When your celebration begins bright and early, there’s just more to look forward to.
Begin your celebration bright and early. Make a morning date and start your day with that special someone at McD. #Senangpagipagi